Sunday, January 11, 2009

What new GOALS have I or the community set?

The following are concrete replies given to the question (in the "Discussion Board" section of the related Facebook group "I attended London..."), "What new goals...?
(Post will be expanded as answers come in.)

- To start a children and junior youth class.
(Youth, U.K.)

- To start devotional meetings at my office!
(Youth, Oslo)

- I have planned to pray every morning for my own progress and that of our cluster, and every evening for the goal cluster. I am taking Ruhi 1 again and I am going to attend Ruhi 4 as well, and maybe I will go to England during Easter holidays to take Ruhi 7.
(Youth, Oslo)

(Photo courtesy of Ronnie Yousefzadeh from his online album Used with permission)

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  1. I Pledged at the historical conference in Sydney to homefront pioneer to a receptive neighbourhood and do my you year of service there for at least 1 year :)