Thursday, January 8, 2009

Poem by Maryam DiMauro: Slumbered heart

This moving poem in reminiscence of the conference, with the photos, was written and posted by Maryam in her Facebook Notes on 7 January.

Slumbered heart

A heart, awakened from slumber,
Beats in continous rhythm
A heart, beating cautiously
Becomes like a river flowing through
A heart, like a river
Become roughened angels and earth shattering tremble
A heart flowers into a garden
and pours forth and awakens celestial armies

These rhythms, these voices
these hearts
Oceans and bodies
Madness , rising like feverish phoenixes
Their feathers rising from the ground

These hearts,
Souls in enchantment
Carried out in heaven
Yet given tools for the earth

Farmers, sowing the lusty earth
Filling the cracked dust
With their blood

There is no time for waste.
The heart beats ever faster
My soul becomes frenetic
My tears fill the earth
Yet it is never enough
I cannot be still in this feverish haze
The world rocks, the souls cry

As the hearts,
They embark into the sea the Ark of the Covenant
Sets sails upon us
We are of one infant body
and one sunrise soul
Yet our hearts, unique

This time this place.
My words
Escape me.
Till there is nothingness,
Just this heart
Which beats
It must never stop
It must never flee
It must never excuse
It must never lose time
It is, it exists, It is.
All for Thee.

(Used with the kind permission of the author)

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