Thursday, January 8, 2009

What made the strongest IMPRESSION on you from the conference?

The following are replies given on the Facebook group "I attended London Regional Baha'i conference" to the question (in the "Discussion Board" section), "What made the biggest impression on you from the conference?"
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- The idea of the Faith being the Remedy for the ills of the world.
(Itinerant believer)

- The snow ball effect - how one simple activity had led to the creation of numerous others.
Randomly meeting old friends :)
(Youth, Oslo-Akershus cluster)

- The strongest impression was that of UNITY. The enthusiasm, love and encouragement from our representatives of the Universal House of Justice in the body of the International Counsellors was most special and touching.
The spirit was resolute!
(Surrey cluster)

- The strongest impression from the conference was its systematic organization, which reminded me of the need to be systematic in teaching as well. The talks were very inspiring.
(Youth, Oslo)

- I am living in Sweden in a C-cluster, but we have one A-cluster, Stockholm, and two B-clusters. We had many representatives from the whole country attend in London from all these clusters.
The Conference was well organised and everything was perfect, with a beautiful venue and program. A lot of hard work had gone into it, and it was well done. I give thanks.
The program of the first day was very very inspiring, the highlight of the Conference being the representatives of the Universal House of Justice. The other speakers like the UK's NSA representative and Counselor Shirin Fozdar were excellent. The cultural programs were super, the program well balanced.
The three Swedish workshops were succssful, with many participants contributing enthusiastically their services to the cluster activities.
We had a follow-up reflection conference here in Uppsala this weekend with more than 150 participants that filled the friends with renewed strength and exhilaration.

- I was totally inspired regarding the teaching work. We had our Cluster reflection meeting the week after and it was so different to previous meetings. I am sure that the unified vision we achieved at the conference helped create this and that as a community we can carry this forward.
(Swindon, Wiltshire cluster)

Bouquet onstage

(Photo is courtesy of Geoff Collins from online album Used with permission)

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