Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Video: 41 Conferences Around The World, Remembering Seven Martyrs of Tihran, 1850

A befitting reminder of the spiritual connection that exists between our persecuted Bahá'í brothers and sisters in Iran, and the work that believers in the rest of the world are doing to spread the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh.

On 5 March the Universal House of Justice wrote to the believers in the Cradle of the Faith:
"...your fellow believers throughout the world hold you especially in their prayers and, conscious of the spiritual forces released through your courage and sacrifice, are sparing no effort to ensure the advancement of the Cause of God and the promotion of the well-being and prosperity of humankind."
(Read the whole message here)

Video, "41 Conferences Around The World"

The Seven followers of the Báb, in Tihrán who were arrested and executed for their refusal to recant their belief in the Báb (Persia, 1850):

Hájí Mírzá Siyyid `Alí,
Mírzá Qurbán-`Alí Bárfúrúshí,
Hájí Mullá Ismáil Qumí,
Áqá Siyyid Husayn Turshízí,
Hájí Muhammad-Taqí Kirmání,
Áqá Siyyid Mortezá Zanjání,
Áqá Muhammad-Husayn Marághii

Song by Grant Hindin Miller

Photos from the 41 regional conferences over a four-month period -

12 November 2008 Lusaka, Zambia
89 November 2008 Nakuru, Kenya Johannesburg, South Africa
1516 November 2008 Bangui, Central African Republic Bangalore, India Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo
2223 November 2008 Quito, Ecuador New Delhi, India Kolkata, India Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo
2930 November 2008 Antofagasta, Chile Manila, Philippines Yaoundé, Cameroon
67 December 2008 Portland, United States Chicago, United States Atlanta, United States Almaty, Kazakhstan
1314 December 2008 Stamford, United States Dallas, United States Los Angeles, United States
2021 December 2008 Kuching, Malaysia São Paulo, Brazil
2728 December 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
34 January 2009 London, United Kingdom Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
1011 January 2009 Toronto, Canada Guadalajara, Mexico
1718 January 2009 Lae, Papua New Guinea Vancouver, Canada Managua, Nicaragua
2425 January 2009 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Sydney, Australia Madrid, Spain
31 January1 February 2009 Auckland, New Zealand Battambang, Cambodia
78 February 2009 Frankfurt, Germany Padua, Italy
1415 February 2009 Istanbul, Turkey
2122 February 2009 Baku, Azerbaijan Accra, Ghana
28 February1 March 2009 Kiev, Ukraine

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